What is the Patron/Collector Program

Patron/Collector involvement is one of the most important factors in assuring that this highly rated show continues to be available, not only to yourself, but to everyone in our community. It is the generous artist purchases by our Patron/Collectors that ensures the continued and growing involvement of over 180 quality artists each year. As a Patron/Collector, you pledge a desired amount of artist purchase support. The festival retains $100 to assist in underwriting exclusive Patron/Collector events and benefits. You receive the remainder in Patron/Collector Purchase Vouchers which you spend directly with the artist for your choice of pieces during the festival.




INVITATIONS for TWO to six exclusive Patron/Collector “Evening with the Festival” events to socialize and learn more about art collecting from recognized professionals in the field.

  • PATRON/COLLECTOR PURCHASE VOUCHERS to spend with the artist (s) at the festival. The Purchase Vouchers are distributed to Patron/Collectors at the November “Evening with the Festival” event.
  • A PATRON/COLLECTOR PURCHASE AWARD RIBBON to be given directly to the artist whose work you select. This is a very prestigious award for the artist and is prominently displayed in their tent.
  • ACCESS TO THE PATRON/COLLECTOR RETREAT during the festival to rest, have a cold drink and light refreshments and securely store your purchases if desired.
  • RESERVED PARKING conveniently located near all festival activities during the festival weekend.